Our Approach


  • All our assignments start with a short period of diagnosis, scoping and planning to determine the most effective way of addressing the client and stakeholder(s) objectives
  • We would assign one or more of our partners to work with a client during this and subsequent phases. In many situations this would be on a full-time basis.
  • We would then develop a proposal which outlines our involvement, as well as that of the client’s personnel and other key partners, and how the agreed goals would be delivered against key milestones and financial targets. The proposal would also cover all commercial arrangements. Typically, we charge either a fixed fee for a phase or a base per diem fee plus success payment when key objectives and milestones are met.
  • We structure work into manageable ‘phases’ with major checkpoints and stakeholder review points. We normally use one of several Life Cycles to plan, manage and communicate the work. Some examples of the IMPACT Life Cycles are shown in the following pages.
  • In many situations, partners take on line executive responsibilities through key transformation periods, providing leadership and mentoring to the client personnel, and then, at an agreed point,  transition the responsibilities to a client executive(s). We adopt a hands on approach and prefer to use teams drawn from within a client or its partners, where possible.
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